Organization, Authority, and Programs of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies

The shape of North American agencies and how they shape the conservation landscape

Fish & Wildlife Agency Profiler

1948 through today

Since 1948, the Wildlife Management Institute has compiled information on fish and wildlife agency organizational structures, their authorities, and their priority program areas about once every ten years. The information provided a once-a-decade snapshot of how North American fish and wildlife agencies were shaped – and how they shaped the conservation landscape. 

Keeping pace

The pace is quickening. The diversity of responsibilities is evolving rapidly – and state agencies, associations, and conservation drivers like you need more current information to aid in local, regional, and national program and policy decisions. 

Your agency profile

The once-a-decade, sit-on-the-shelf report is history. 

WMI created a systematized Fish and Wildlife Agency Profiler that agencies can use to keep information current, explore policies and programs in surrounding states, and better understand how they compare to other agencies.

*ONLY Available to North American state fish and wildlife agency staff

How to build (and update) your state agency profile

Each state fish and wildlife agency has exclusive access to build and update its own Fish and Wildlife Agency Profile. While the profile can be completed and maintained by one person, the wide range of topics and questions in the profile may require a few areas of expertise to complete. For most agencies, completing the profile is a small team effort. 

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